Peter Mark: A Celebration Of His Painting Styles

Over the course of his life Peter developed an intense interest in and passion for painting; he was prolific in many styles, and painted around 680 works. His collection of paintings reveal an intense appreciation of landscapes, sky and seascapes, harbours, waterways and fishing boats; he loved recording architecture - houses, barns and cityscapes, all painted at first in gentle watercolours and gradually in more expressive colour and increasingly abstract styles. He grew to particularly enjoy experimenting with paint - thinning its' consistency and using palette knives rather than brushes.

Peter remained a devoted artist, painting up until just before his death in 2008, at the age of eighty seven. He often commented that he would have liked to own an art gallery, and to exhibit his paintings. This exhibition, in a small way, honours that ambition, celebrates his wonderful life as a painter and acknowledges the ongoing respect and love of his family and friends.

Peter Mark, Manhattan USA 1987, oil on BoardPeter Mark Abstract 73, 1998 oil on boardPeter Mark, Frenchman by the Sea 1947, enamel & oil on cardboardPeter Mark, Ploughing UK 1949, oil on cardboard